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Online Accuracy, Fast Facts, and Positive Reviews Can Increase Attendance and Sales

While these seven simple steps can prove invaluable to the success of your business during COVID, the prevailing message is applicable to your business even in the best of times.

  1. Update and regularly monitor your most critical information – business hours and contact information – on ALL of your social media platforms.
    Confirm that each listing has the same, accurate information.
    And – do a search of your business name.  Make sure that your name and your business name can be found in seconds with as few clicks as possible.


  2. Edit your business description to reflect your revised operations during COVID.
    Editing can typically be done quickly and easily in the sections referred to as About, Business Information, Business Profile etc.
    Keep your content short, positive, and compelling.
    Update your description on all sites where your business is listed.
    Don’t forget to hit the SAVE CHANGES button!


  3. Add a COVID post, page, or banner to your website and Facebook page.
    Describe the safety measures you have implemented and when applicable, use immediately identifiable icons.
    Stay current with federal, state and local recommendations and respond accordingly.


  4. Check your website for outdated and broken links and pages.
    “Old news” and unresponsive links undermine credibility.  Both indicate a lack of attention to detail and disregard for the vital importance of an accurate online presence.
    Maintain your site by regularly running updates and scans.


  5. Engage more and stay connected to your customers and fans.
    Increase your presence on social media with striking, current photos, special deals and enticing blog posts.
    Send upbeat emails and encourage interaction.
    (Caution: Be careful not to post or email excessively.  Your goal is to be appealing NOT annoying.)


  6. On your website, prominently post a current calendar of virtual events listing all dates and times that you and your art or performance group will be on exhibit or on stage. Provide links.
    Keep this information current and post events as far into the future as possible to promote online attendance.  Always request that these events are shared!


  7. Highlight positive reviews from fans and critics.
    In all social media posts and immediately visible on your website, shine a spotlight on positive testimonials and reviews from your fans, delighted customers and local art critics.  Now is the time to brag!


The accuracy and integrity of your online presence is a direct reflection of your business philosophy and the degree to which you value and respect your fans, customers and critics.  Keep it current. Keep it positive.