Helping you with the business of being an artist


What is Arts Spark?

Arts Spark is a website created for professionals working in creative industries, such as music, visual art, literature, craft, and others. The website provides marketing information, communities where you can share information and best practices about being an artist AND a business person, blog articles about a wide range of topics, and easy to setup, affordable, web site space and eCommerce solutions.

Why Arts Spark?

Arts Spark was created by Interactive Media Consulting, LLC, a website development and brand management firm in Saratoga Springs, NY. For years, IMC has worked with artists and non-profits in the creative fields. We understand the need for this type of resource based on questions we are asked all the time. We know budget is important, but we also know how important it is to market yourself and understand the business part of being an artist.

What are the costs?

Membership on the site is free. We just ask that you register. Our hosting plans start at $14.95 per month, depending on the features you are looking for.

Why do I need to register?

Registering grants you access to our online forums and gives you the ability to add your events, shows, or gigs to our online calendar.

Why do you ask for a real name?

Arts Spark is intended for professional artists. We feel everyone is more professional when their real name is associated with their account. If, for some reason, you cannot provide a real name, contact us to discuss alternatives.

How do I add an event to your calendar?

You must first register for an account. Then you have access to the form that lets you add an event to the calendar. All events are subject to approval.

How do I switch from a site like Wix/Weebly/Etsy, to an Arts Spark site?

Each of these services use their own proprietary systems. Arts Spark websites are based on WordPress, a very common platform for building websites. Because each has its own proprietary system, the methods for converting are different.  In the coming months, we will have tutorials on how to do this.

Why choose Arts Spark over the “other guys”?

Arts Spark is an affordable platform that gives you all the flexibility that comes with a stand-alone website. While we ensure your website is secure, we do not place any restrictions, other than what is in our terms of service, on what you can do with YOUR website.

Can I sell my art, music, writing, photographs, etc., through my website?

Absolutely! Arts Spark does not charge you a fee to list your items and does not take a commission on your sales. You will need our eCommerce version to secure your site for credit card transactions. We do require real-time credit card processing through PayPal or some other processor. You may not collect credit card numbers through email or store them on the server. You are also responsible for collecting applicable taxes and reporting to the appropriate agencies.

Do you charge to put items for sale on an Arts Spark website?

No. This is your website and we do not charge you to list your items.

Do you keep a percentage of sales?

No. All sales are yours.

Can I cancel my account or website if I wish?

Yes. When you cancel your account, you will lose access to all files, databases and emails stored in the account. You may take your website to another provider, but you will no longer have access to the license key for the theme, if using Divi. While the theme will continue to work, it will no longer be updated. You can purchase your own key from Elegant Themes.

If I cancel my account or website can I reopen or start it?

Yes, but your files may have already been deleted. Once we terminate an account, all files are removed.

Can I change my domain name after I have created it?

No. Once a domain is registered, you cannot change that specific domain. However, you can register a new domain and change your website address to the new domain. Contact our support department for assistance doing this.

Where is Arts Spark accessible? US, Canada, other places?

Arts Spark focuses on the US and Canada, but anyone is welcome to create an account. This is currently an English-language website. Translations may come in the future, if needed.

How long until my website will be active?

Arts Spark websites are active as soon as payment is confirmed. It does take some time for a new domain name to be recognized. You may also have a temporary account if you are planning on moving your domain from your current host to Arts Spark.

Can people find my website on Google?

Yes. Your site will be found by Google.

Can I change my websites layout once I have created it?

Absolutely! You can change your layout anytime you wish. There is no additional fee to do so, unless you want us to help you with it.

Can you design an entire website for me?

Definitely. We have a variety of packages and services available.

I am not computer savvy, is Arts Spark still a good choice for me?

Absolutely. We are here to help and have provided a variety of videos and answers in our Knowledgebase. Once you get used to it, WordPress is very easy for you to use.

Can I link social media accounts to my website, if so which ones?

Yes. You can link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, or any other social media account you would like. Our Knowledgebase has information on how to do it for all over them.

Do you have other questions you feel should be answered here? Let us know!