Search Engine Optimization: Site Maps

[php slug=post-meta] A site map is a file that lists all of the pages and posts on your website. You can also include more specific information about each page or post such as, when it was last updated. This information is used for search engines and allows them to...

How to Get the Gig

[php slug=post-meta] For most artists getting the gig is the thing they most desire. Whether it be a gallery showing, music performance, or job offer, finding and securing that position can potentially be tricky. In order to get your foot in the door you have to...

How To Get Past a Creative Block

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Posting Music Online

[php slug=post-meta] When planning to post or sell your music online you should first figure out which hosting website or websites you wish to use, and if you want to charge or have your music for free download. You can choose between sites like, iTunes, SoundCloud,...

Podcast Recording

[php slug=post-meta] A podcast is a, a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player. Typically podcasts are available as a series, where new episodes can be received by subscribers automatically. Planning and...

Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul.

- Vincent van Gogh

The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of.

- Leonardo da Vinci

Music is life itself.

- Louis Armstrong

Where words fail, music speaks.

- Hans Christian Anderson

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

- Martha Graham