Artist Statement vs Artist Bio

It is extremely important to not confuse an artist statement and an artist biography. Each contain different types and amounts of information, while serving different purposes. Although they are different, both should evolve and change with your career. The following information should help you differentiate the two.

Artist Statement

Your Artist Statement is about your art, not about you. This should be written in first person and contain information about the current direction of your work. This is not about your work’s history. Your statement should be a brief section of writing that compels the reader to want to view your work and learn more about it within one paragraph. Avoid adding information about teachers or other artworks that have influenced you, save these thing for your bio. Remember that this is your statement, not theirs, so it should only be about you and your current work. By keeping your statement concise and interesting, you should be able to create a successful piece. For more help, check out some examples at

Artist Bio

Your professional artist bio is basically a resume in paragraph form and is written in third person. It is meant to highlight your top achievements and explain who you are as an artist. Your bio should include information about you, how you got started, important accomplishments and anything else you feel is necessary to give people a good look into who you are as an artist. If written correctly, you bio will give people a greater understanding of you art, your motivation for creating, and also serves as a guide on how to interpret your art. You should attempt to make you bio longer than your statement, but not too lengthy, otherwise your readers may lose interest. For more help, check out some examples from the Agora Gallery


When writing any piece that describes something about you and your professional work, it is important to make sure that everything you write is 100 percent accurate. To become successful and get people to really understand you and your work it is important to have both an artist statement and an artist bio. This will allow individuals to read up on all the information about you, while getting to know your style and motivation, before they even view your work.





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