Helping you with the business of being an artist


On Tuesday, April 7, 2020 we hosted a FREE webinar with local experts who can help artists navigate these difficult times. Our panel included:

  • Shelby Schneider, President of Saratoga Prosperity Partnership, who will share information about the federal CARES Act.
  • Alisa Forman, Education Coordinator at Saratoga Arts, who has been compiling information on resources specifically geared toward artists.
  • Sarah Craig, Executive Director of Caffe Lena, who has been compiling information that can help musicians and is behind their popular “Stay at Home Sessions”

We all want to stress that help is out there. The Small Business Administration and SCORE counselors (often affiliated with Chambers of Commerce) are there to help. Remember that you, as an artist, are a small business. The CARES Act specifically has funding and unemployment relief for gig economy and contract workers. Reach out to your local offices for more help. You do not need to navigate this alone.



Resource Links

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership

Saratoga Arts

Caffe Lena


Questions & Answers

During the webinar, we learned of situations where artists do not receive 1099s from gigs because they were paid less than $600 by an organization within a calendar year.  We checked with our CPA friends, who told us it depends on the artist’s level of documentation. If the payments were documented by the artist and included on reported as income on tax returns, then, yes, it is possible to take advantage of the programs. If, however, those payments were never documented or reported to the IRS, then it is not possible.