You may have heard about Facebook capping the number of people a “business” post reaches somewhere between 2% and 6% of the people who like the page.  If 1000 people like your page, that means only 20 to 60 people will see what you say.  So, to make the most of this, it’s all about engagement.

After the most recent update, Facebook is reducing the number of people who see your posts if they:

  • reuse the exact same content from advertisements
  • promote a specific product or service or push to install an app
  • request a specific call to action, such as entering a sweepstakes without any real context

More information can be found on the Facebook site regarding this update, including examples of posts that meet the above criteria.

Over at the Heyo Blog, Adele Halsall provides some advice for how to engage your users. By engaging your users, you increase the chance of people seeing your posts in their news feed. For more information, you can read more on the Heyo Blog.