Arts Spark vs. DIY

We build it so you don’t have to…

Investing in a professionally built website can save you valuable time and money, allow you to focus on your creativity and avoid unnecessary stress and frustration by venturing into the DIY unknown.

While the cost of purchasing a DIY program is very tempting – BEWARE.   It has been said that “of the DIY’s that embark on building a site, 98% of them fail in publishing one at all.” (Schmidt, 2020)

You Get what You Pay For

ARTS SPARK Websites:   As professional web developers with 25 years of experience, we are well-versed in what works and where the design pitfalls arise. We utilize sophisticated tools and a proven process to elevate the design and enhance the functionality of your website.  An ARTS SPARK website is a high quality website you can be proud of.

DIY:  The “paint-by-numbers” process offered by DIY programs may be effective and functional, but typically does not provide access to the highest performing design and development tools easily available to professionals. Restricting the ability to modify and customize your DIY website prevents your website from achieving optimum design, performance and results. 

You Can’t Get There From Here  (Don’t throw good money after bad!)

ARTS SPARK Websites: These websites are designed to evolve and expand as your art business grows. Developing on the WordPress platform allows for flexibility and upgrading. When you are ready to add eCommerce and new design elements, just contact us directly.

DIY:  Many people start off choosing a DIY site with the intention to eventually upgrade to a professional site. However, DIY sites often contain proprietary programming, making it difficult, or even preventing a professional website developer to access and customize an existing DIY site.  Consequently, starting over from scratch may be the best or only option, costing more in the long run than choosing a professional developer to begin with.

DIY can be expensive to modify.  Features that should be standard often cost extra. Every upgrade, optional plug-in, and additional design feature is an added cost. The price tag keeps increasing, and can lead to high, recurring monthly fees.

Time is Money

ARTS SPARK Websites:  We are experts in how people use the web.  We understand the technology inside and out. It is our business to create the very best website possible.   As soon as you provide us with the required components, we can design and launch an ARTS SPARK website in approximately 14 business days.  We’ve got this.

DIY:  Learning how to construct a website can be frustrating and time consuming.  Things can get really complicated very quickly, leading to a DIY disaster.  The average DIYer could take anywhere from 120-160+ hours to complete a website – the equivalent of nearly four full-time work weeks!  (Schmidt, 2020)  Time is money.  The learning curve for a DIY website can come at a very expensive cost.

First Impressions Matter

ART SPARK Websites:  Your website is your front door to the internet – make sure you have the right curb appeal. Our team recognizes that your website is your most important marketing tool.  In less than 10 seconds, visitors to your home page will form an opinion and decide whether to stay or go – engage or bounce.

We’re experts. We know the formula for success. It’s that simple.

DIY:   DIY companies tend to offer a wide selection of templates, but without significant upgrading, these templates often look generic, resulting in a negative first impression.  While the template formula may appear simple to use, in reality it can take hours to learn how to navigate the site, add content and photos, change the colors, implement your brand, and make it easy for customers to use.

If you don’t invest the time, and pay for extra features, it will be instantly clear to your website visitors that your website – and by extension, your business – lacks credibility.

Better Safe Than Sorry

ARTS SPARK Websites:  ARTS SPARK websites are built to the most current and reliable industry standards and include security features to protect you and your customers.  Plus, our secure, affordable hosting services feature the added bonus of nightly backups w/30 days stored in the cloud at no additional charge.

Our experienced technical team is available for troubleshooting and emergencies. When you purchase an ARTS SPARK website – you are not alone.

DIY:  Securing an “out of the box” DIY website could prove to be a major challenge.  There are often hidden bugs and glitches that can occur in even the most basic website development, making your website vulnerable.

You must be ever vigilant with your DIY site, making sure that your website continues to be protected from hackers, malware, vulnerable scripts, cyber criminals, and destructive viruses.  Do you have the time to spare?

Invariably, technical issues will arise that require expert knowledge and support.  A vulnerable or broken website can result in significant lost sales and damaged credibility.

Are you up to the task? 

Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul.

- Vincent van Gogh

The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of.

- Leonardo da Vinci

Music is life itself.

- Louis Armstrong

Where words fail, music speaks.

- Hans Christian Anderson

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

- Martha Graham