Ivy & Co.

Gallery Theme – Homepage features a gallery selection of your favorite artwork. Each image offers an easy shortcut to a page showcasing the selected piece.


Performance – Home page immediately introduces potential clients to professional credentials and accomplishments. Secondary pages feature artist bio and corresponding, compelling images including photos of past performances and testimonials. Videos and digital downloads recommended. (additional fees may apply)


Classes & Workshops – Homepage displays a clear, easy to navigate business description with a relevant header image on the homepage. Graphic sidebar provides information and links to classes and schedules.


Small Business/Independent Consultants – Flexible and multi-purpose theme ideal for small art focused business ventures, and professionals involved in consulting, curating, appraising and more.


Simple & Elegant Retail – Beautiful and basic website perfect for showcasing new and emerging talent. Simple and straightforward process allows immediate additions/updates to the gallery page. (eCommerce/shop option is an additional fee.)


Venue Focused – Events, Exhibits & More – Ideal for a business or non-profit venue that features permanent exhibits and regularly scheduled events AND introduces frequently changing displays, productions and events. Calendar listings central to this theme.