Accessories for Smartphone Video Recording

With how amazing smartphones are today it is no wonder that individuals are using these incredible pocket sized machines to create almost-professional quality videos. In addition to the amazing power these devices have on their own, we are starting to see a number of high-quality accessories to help push your video recordings further. The following accessory recommendations are certainly not all of the products offered, however, we feel like these are some of the most useful products out there.


Zoom IQ5

Plugs straight into your device to significantly upgrade your devices sound. The microphone is optimized for both vertical and horizontal recording.

Compatible with: Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Price: about $70.00

Belkin Live Action Mic

Directional mic that plugs into the audio jack of your device.

Compatible with: Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android Devices

Price: about $50.00

RODE SmartLav Lavaliere Mic

If you are recording a formal interview or speech you may want to use a lavaliere mic on your subject. This lavaliere mic is designed specifically for smartphone use.

Compatible with: Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), some android, and other smartphones

Price: about $80.00

Tripod and Mount

Gorilla Pod

Flexible tripod that is portable and can be used on varying terrains.

Compatible with: most smartphones and tablets that can hook to a tripod mount attachment

Price: $15.00 to $100.00, depending on the model


The original smartphone tripod mount, that is small and easy to use.

Compatible with: all smartphones

Price: about $30.00


Diffcage Cinema Rig

Compact studio production rig that mounts your device into a bracket with 14 threaded holes for mounting additional gear.

Compatible with: iPhones, other smartphones, and DSLR cameras

Beast Grip

Universal adjustable lens adapter and rig system that is compatible with a wide variety of other video accessories.

Compatible with: most smartphones

Price: $139.99



Clip on lense that can add fisheye, wide angle, telephoto, and macro lens upgrade to your device.

Compatible with: Apple and Samsung devices

Price: $70.00, four in one

iPro Lense System

Features fisheye, wide angle, super wide angle, telephoto and macro lenses, and cases to attach the lenses.

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones


If you want to have a lot of fun with your recording you can also purchase things like drones, remote control cars, and underwater cases, to really boost your videos to the next level and add some fun experimentation into your work.




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