Components of a Successful Art Show Opening

Whether you are setting up a temporary art show, or a permanent art gallery, your opening is your chance to show yourself off and gain exposure to potential buyers and clientele. A successful art show or gallery creates conversation within the arts community. The better the show or show opening, the more people will talk about it, resulting in larger attendance and more art purchases. The following tips should help you reach art show or gallery opening success.

Craft a Compelling Announcement or Press Release

You should begin promoting your show at least a month in advance. By spreading the word early, more individuals will likely come to your event because they have time to plan to go. Get your word out formally through a press release or more casually through handing out flyers wherever you go. This will help you reach and inform people who may not receive your newsletters of social media posts. The more people who know about your show, the more people will attend it.   

Do Not Charge Admission

People who go to art shows or gallery openings specifically to buy art will usually only stay for 15 to 20 minutes. So charging admission could potentially deter these individuals from coming to your show. It is silly to charge for people to just to enter a place so they can purchase your work. It may be tempting to charge to help recoup costs in addition to sales, but in the end this will result in fewer people going to your show, and fewer people becoming fans of your work. If you wish to charge so you are able to serve food and alcohol, think about your desired audience. Is it worth having fancy food and alcohol if it will result in you having to charge for the event.

Have a Wide Range of Prices

Make is so anyone who goes to your show could purchase something. It is important to offer both lower priced items and higher priced items it is more inclusive to all at the show. This not only makes everyone feel included but will help you sell more pieces and make more money throughout the show. Lower priced items will sell in higher quantities and more quickly giving you great revenue and exposure without having to sell any of your larger or more expensive pieces. You should also make sure to display the price of items where guests can see them, because not everyone feels comfortable asking about pricing.

Get Things Done In Advance

If you are able to get things done ahead of time you will give yourself time to relax before the show, giving you the energy and positive attitude necessary to carry you through the evening. By preparing in advance you will leave yourself the proper amount of time to eat, get ready, and travel to your show, without any rush. Rushing can cause stress and it is certainly not advised to be stressed on the night of you opening because it is supposed to be fun for both you and your guests. 

Make it an Ongoing Show

It is always a good idea to have an extended show. The longer your artwork is displayed the more time it has to be seen. This will also allow more people to have a chance to find time to see your show, view, and purchase your work.


There are many things to take into account when preparing and hosting an art show or opening. Each individual will have different ideas about how they want to set up and run their show but the tips above should help anyone achieve success.






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