Why You Need a Website Even if You Have a Shop Creation Site

People often question why they need to have their own website to sell things on when they already are registered on Etsy, Ebay, Shopify, or a similar website to sell their artwork. Having your own website gives you a clear advantage over just having a shop creation website, and here are the reasons why.

More Control

When you rely on another business for your business sales you really have very little control. They could shut down, change your shop type, or change their terms and services to something you may not like or agree with. Design choices, page layouts, and option handling are often limited as well. You should be in control of your own store not at the hands of someone else.

Custom Design

When using a specific platform, your shop will often look exactly like everyone else’s due to the limited customization options. This means that other than your work, there isn’t really anything that will set your shop apart from the others. Creating your own website gives you the ability to customize to your heart’s content, with constraints only defined by your ability or budget. This allows you to really show off your brand and make a clear online representation of your style.


Spending time to create your own website shows you are a serious business and serious about what you do. Customers will see that you have spent the time, effort, and money necessary to create a website, and will have more respect for your business. When you are taken more seriously, new opportunities for exposure often become available and you will be recognized as a professional.

Search Engine Optimization

Creating your own website will help people find you on the web. By having a website URL with your name, or businesses name, people are more likely to find you when they search for something in relation to either of those. If you only sell on Etsy, or other websites like Etsy, it will take people longer to find you because when they search your name you may or may not show up.

No Distractions

When you have your own website you do not have to worry about distractions popping up or showing up on your page. Sites like Etsy will often have distractions including links, images, and other artists work right on your page. Why would you want to advertise a competing artist on your page?

No Direct Competition

On Etsy you are competing with anyone who is registered and selling through that website. This means that anyone who is selling through an Etsy account is  your direct competition. It can be difficult to keep customers on just your Etsy page because they will always be looking for the best deal when they know that there may be other options. On your own personal site your only competition is yourself. With Etsy, advertising other options, and customers knowing another artist may see something at a lower price, it is hard to keep those customers on your Etsy page.   

No Commission

Etsy and similar sites charge you to list your items and often receive a percentage of sales. When you have your own website you receive the full payment, minus any credit card fees.


To show yourself as a serious professional artist, and to truly create a website representative of your brand, creating your own website is the way to go.








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