Packing Artwork for Shipping

Shipping poses a perplexing challenge for many artists. Each painting or work of art you will ship provides its own unique challenges. You can overcome these challenges with some creative thinking and packing knowledge.

Check out this video from the Agora Gallery a great in depth discussion about packing techniques. 

After understanding how to properly pack your paintings for shipping there are still some things that you should keep in consideration when shipping different pieces of art.

Make Sure You are Covered

Even if you take complete caution and carefully pack your artwork once it leaves your hands, you are no longer in control, and there is no way to completely eliminate the possibility of damage. If you only ship once in a while you can buy insurance through your carrier. It is important to check and see what amount they limit their liability for fine art. If you are shipping things more regularly you may want to invest in a business insurance policy that covers shipping your artwork. This will not only cover your art when it is in transit but will cover it at all other times. In the long run you will pay far less for this type of insurance than you will if you are paying for carrier insurance each time you ship something. You can also insure yourself if you do not have the money to pay for someone else to insure you. Insuring yourself means that you will cover any fees , refunds, or expenses with your personal funds. While insurance is not always a top budget priority, a good policy can save you a lot in the long run. 


Do Not Panic if Something Has Been Damaged

If something is damaged, the way you react can impact your reputation and relationship with you clients. If there is damage, make sure you reassure your client you are doing everything in your power to solve the problem. Typically if significant or noticeable damages occur, the shipping carrier will return the package to you. They will also give you specific instructions on how to proceed and how you should document the damages. If you provide all of this information in a timely manner things should work themselves out. If there is a damage and the carrier is not taking responsibility, make sure everything is documented and photographed.


Choose the Best Carrier for Your Needs

Everyone has a personal opinion about what carrier service is best for the job. It is important to understand that each offers different services, accommodations, and coverage, meaning that you should check what each company offers to figure out which best fits your needs.

They all offer online tools to help you determine which can shop your package the most coast effective way. Check them out below






With the right tools, supplies, and procedures, you can ship your artwork safely and efficiently. Nothing that you ship is 100% safe so make sure to take the proper precautions when shipping your artwork.  



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