Posting Music Online

When planning to post or sell your music online you should first figure out which hosting website or websites you wish to use, and if you want to charge or have your music for free download. You can choose between sites like, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify and decide which best fits what you want and your music career goals or you can post your music right on your own website.

The following information should help you decide which form of web uploading is the best for you.

Putting Your Music Online for Free

A common way to present your music online for your fans is to upload it to a streaming service. For streaming services you may have to go through another company to get your music uploaded, however, it really depends on which streaming website you choose. We chose Spotify and Pandora as top streaming service websites and have provided links to further information about music uploading specifics for each.

Spotify – a digital music service that enables users to remotely source millions of different songs on various record labels from a laptop, smartphone or other devices, hosting over 60 million users. 

Pandora – a music streaming and automated music recommendation service, in which music played is tailored to what the user likes and dislikes, available for use on laptops, smartphones or other devices, hosting over 70 million active users. 

Another way to have your music online for free listening is by using your own personal website or by creating an account through a music host website. These websites allow you to create an account and upload your music in a few clicks. On these websites you can allow people to download your music, stream it, and even remix it. You also have the capability to embed your music into your social media accounts so all of your fans know when you post something new. These are great ways to get your music out there and receive personal feedback from individuals who listen to your music.

SoundCloud has a great system for uploading your music for your viewers to listen to for free whenever they wish.

Online Music Stores

Online music stores are a great place to upload and sell your music and we have the perfect article to help you decide which host is right for you if you decide you want to make some money off of your music check out our article, Online Music Distributors: Which is Right for You?.

Each website will have detailed instructions on how to upload music into their specific website.


Every host has a different process for uploading your music into their site or your account. Check out your chosen hosts website for information about what format they wish to have you upload your music as and what other formatting specifications you may need. Most often it will be a small MP3 file.





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