Search Engine Optimization: Site Maps

A site map is a file that lists all of the pages and posts on your website. You can also include more specific information about each page or post such as, when it was last updated. This information is used for search engines and allows them to crawl your website more intelligently. Basically a site map will tell search engines how your site is organized to help them discover the majority of the pages your website has so it can index and process them. Its main purpose is to help search engines recognize all web pages and not overlook any that may be more difficult to find.  However creating and using a site map does not guarantee that all of your website’s pages will be crawled and indexed. But your website will only benefit from having one, so it is a great idea to start looking into how to making one as soon as your website is up and running. You can create a site map by following instruction provided by specific search engines or by using a third party service to create on for you.

The following videos should give you a better understanding of search engines and how site maps work to provide them with the information they need to know.



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