Top Five Things Artists Should Know To Be Successful

Marketing Yourself is Important

Giving yourself a memorable brand in a large field such as art will give you a huge advantage. Many people will claim to be an artist, however, without developing a clear brand you will not see the same opportunities and success that having a well developed brand will bring you. This brand will ultimately showcase your skills and specialties and give you a more solid name to network and market with. Your brand is how you will market yourself.


Freelancing Often Will Lead To Success

Before waiting for a perfect opportunity to fall in front of you, make opportunities of your own. Collaborate with another artist, volunteer to help paint a mural, or be involved in a community arts festival. By freelancing you will expand you experience, network, and portfolio. This will also help increase business, as your name will be more visible and recognized when you are actively participating in the art world in your community and beyond.


Having Confidence In Yourself Is Key

No matter how amazing or not amazing you think your art is, you still have to project an aura of confidence and professionalism. You will notice that successful artists will present confidence as well as talent, no matter what form of art they create. You should recognize that the way you present yourself will help you seize opportunities.  


Knowing Your Value Will Help You Make Money

In the art world it is important to never devalue yourself. Check out our article, Pricing for Profit, for more ideas on how to understand your value and price you art for success.


Having Dedication, Determination, and Desire, Will Help You Succeed

Be patient with yourself and celebrate your artistic movements and achievements. As an artist you always have the ability to excel and grow so don’t let anything hold you back, and always remain determined no matter what tries to hold you back. If you have the passion to move forward and succeed in your artistic endeavors you will most likely find success along the way.


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