Arts Spark is a community — so why a community?  Independent professional artists and musicians often work in their own space. Our goal is to provide a community space where our members can share information, get feedback, ask questions, and learn from one another.  There are a variety of benefits to using an online community of professionals:

  • Support System — online communities provide an online support system.  Community members understand what other artists go through, so they can provide valuable advice and feedback, ultimately leading to friendships, partnerships, and ultimately a larger audience for your art.
  • Partnerships — online communities can often lead to business partnerships. It is important to fully vet the person on the other side of the email address, but finding other like-minded people, or people looking to complement their existing skill set can ultimately help both sides of the equation.
  • Information Resource — online communities provide instant access to resources. Search engines are great, but asking others who may have had a similar experience provides results and recommendations.  Keep in mind that it is always better to go in saying “I found these resources, does anyone have any opinions” instead of “I was too tired to use Google, could you help me find an answer.”
  • Expanding World Views — online communities can help expand your world view and, possibly, provide inspiration for future work. Meeting people outside your local area, or even outside your state or country, introduces you to new ideas, new inspiration, and ultimately helps you expand your view of the world.

We hope you enjoy Arts Spark and find many opportunities.