Musicians are often looking for that spark or special quality to help them improve their credibility as well as enhance their social media and website profiles. This is where professional photographers can come into play. As a musician having really interesting images of yourself and your band, both together and separately, as well as concert shots can really improve the way people look at you as an artist. Finding a good photographer the first time out can be a challenge. A good photo can generate much more attention than you may think and ultimately get more people to listen to your music. Here are some places to find a photographer that will fit your needs as well as your musical style.


Start on the Internet.

The best way to get what you want out of a photographer is to know what you want. This is why it is important to surf the web and see what types of photographers are out there and what types of photographs you wish to have taken. If you really understand what you want then you will be able to narrow your search when trying to find someone you wish to hire for the job. Search engines also may lead you to find someone who fits your tastes and budget, it’s just all about how much time you spend looking.

Look on Social Media.

Social media has become a hub for all types of individuals looking to get exposed. It can also be an extremely useful resource when it comes to finding someone to take photographs for yourself or your band. When a photographer takes images that their client loves they will post them onto a social media site, such as Facebook or Instagram. These images will then show up on these musicians page, often with a link back to whomever the photographer is. This offers a great way for you to look into musicians in your area to see if they have any images that you find intriguing or something that you might like for yourself. If you happen to come across something you enjoy all you have to do is click on the name attached to the image and set up a consultation. Also these photographers will be connected with other photographers. Although they may not all be geared towards things that involve musicians they may still have a style that you enjoy or wish to see in your images.

Check Out Colleges in Your Area With Photography Programs.

Schools will look for subjects to take images of for projects, assignments, and lessons throughout the year. By putting yourself out there and contacting schools with photography programs not only will you have the chance to get free images taken but you may be put on a list of potential subjects for students and future students to use for their independent projects, which means more opportunities for unique and free or low cost photo shoots. Although these images may not be exactly what you want they are free so that is always a plus, especially for a musician who is just starting out. However, you may be responsible for creating your own prints.


Look on Job Sites and Boards.

Job sites such as craigslist are a great avenue to go to when searching for someone to take your photographs. Photographers can post if they are looking for work on these sites which gives you the opportunity to contact them and check out their work. You can also post that you are looking for a photographer with examples of the criteria you hope to meet, this will give photographers the chance to contact you if they feel that the fit what you are looking for.  


The best way to find a photographer that fits what you are looking for is to actively pursue and continue your search. It is very unlikely that you will just happen to come across an amazing photographer that you love without putting in some effort to find them.