As an artist or musician your main goal other than loving what you do is to showcase the music or artwork that you have created. However, it can be difficult to get the ball rolling when attempting to get out there and become a recognized name in your medium of work. The first instinct most individuals will have is to surf the web in order to find places they can go. Although the internet is an amazing resource and can be a helpful factor in the search for places to showcase, there are certainly other factors to take into consideration when you wish to become known.

In order to book venues and showings it is important to first understand what you aiming for. A booking of a space in general involves the securing of a location to promote your artwork, play your music, and overall showcase your talents. This showcase location is secured for a specific date and time frame and is often confirmed with an owner of the location or a promoter.  Due to the extremely competitive market of the music and art industry,  to complete a booking you must be able to sell your service and make an attractive offer that someone cannot refuse. Individuals looking for either a music or art showcase will be most interested in what makes you special or unique compared to any other individuals who wish to showcase at their location. If this is stated properly it will be understood that you will draw a crowd, which in turn creates revenue for the venue. You have to remember that supply will most likely always be greater than demand. Meaning that the better you pitch yourself and your artistic skills, the more likely you are to book a gig or gallery showing. Your early bookings lead to more bookings so leaving a lasting impression will take you far.

After you understand how to sell your service the next step is to find a place where your service is most marketable. For example you most certainly would not try to display classic styled paintings in a gallery that typically displays modern art, it just doesn’t make sense. The same concept is also applied to music, how often would you see a heavy metal band playing at an Irish pub, not often. This is why it is key to look for locations that typically host artists or musicians who have a similar style to what you have. Once you understand what type of location you need it is up to you to find out where this location could be, you can do this by searching online, in local papers, or even just asking around at local businesses. Once you find the perfect fit pursue speaking to an employee or owner to understand what they are looking for, if anything at all, and to see if you fit the bill.        

Although it is possible to book a place to showcase your work without connections by using the above tactics, some individuals may still find it difficult to get out there without knowing someone who has better connections in their form of medium. This is where networking comes in! The best way to network in the art world is to get out to local arts events and converse with the people around you. Communication can lead to links and ties to a multitude of people involved in the arts. Due to the fact that communication can often be the key to success creating some type of social media presence is also helpful when attempting to get your name out there and grow your network. Social media allows for an online connection between yourself and the people you know, as well as people you do not know. This occurs because you are able to spread your music and art a lot farther and faster by using the internet, which will create a higher number of people who have the potential to see you and become a fan. Having connections and a fan base will also give you credibility and something to show places you wish to perform or display your work, which will in turn make you more appealing.  

Understanding what you have to offer, in combination with connections and the ability to sell should hopefully help you achieve your goal of booking a showcase of your form of art, which if done to the highest standards, will lead to more connections and eventually more bookings. If the goal of showcasing your abilities is to make some type of revenue it is important to remember that not all bookings of your form of art  will lead to making money, however, each and every show you put on or piece of art seen will get you that much closer to your end goal whether it is to make money or not. Often times the best way to get your work out there is by donating it or performing it at a benefit or free event which will in turn lead to future opportunities. Being confident in yourself and your artistic or musical ability will take you far so keep doing what you love and things will fall into place.


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