Hiring a manager is an amazing option when wishing to expand connections, and build onto an established career in the arts. Managers create a working relationship with professionals such as accountants, event organizers, producers, lawyers, collectors, publishing companies and with the creative team. They help decide what type tone the band or artist should have for building a strong image, to attract fans while maintaining the current fans they have. This means that you should not just accept the first person you come across to be your manager, there should be careful consideration because, how they do business will ultimately affect how well you succeed.

Confidence and Knowledge

A manager should be someone who understands your form of business and is always going to look out for your well being and success. It is important to hire someone who is always willing to stick by your side whether your career skyrockets into success or is taking a little extra time to get off the ground. They should have the proper communication skills to tell you when things are both good and bad, while also having the skills to figure out how to solve any issue presented. These individuals should be someone you feel confident in who are also confident in you. It is ultimately their job to book you towards success so a few nos from different venues or potential buyers should not make them run for the hills. Overall you want someone who is ready to look out for you and do their best to get your name out there and brag about your creative abilities.

Success and Connections

As an individual searching for a good manager, it is important to look into how successful these individuals have been in the past. It is ideal if you can find someone who has had a number of successful clients in your same field. This will show you that they will likely lead you to success and potentially have all the industry connections you will need.greeting-1296493_1280

Connections in both the music and art world are extremely important because without these connections it can be difficult to find places to showcase your work. This is why it is key to have a manager with connections or good negotiating skills so they can get you into venues and get you performing or showing. There isn’t really a point to hiring a manager if they have no connections or abilities to connect unless you wish to use them solely for other purposes.


Enthusiasm to what you are doing and creating can also be a very beneficial trait to seek in a manager. Enthusiasm for what you do makes it easier to sell your creative talent is.


The final, yet one of the most important qualities your manager should have is trustworthiness. Managers are basically in control of all aspects of your success as a creative. Finding a person that you know will always look out for your best interest is highly advised.  All too often will managers be financially irresponsible when they were the ones who were trusted with the money, this leads to the fall through of a creative career as a source for money making. Of course you can always still create your art but if a large enough mistake is made by a manager it can really impact how you are viewed within your creative field. This is why it is essential to hire someone you trust fully, with a reputation for good business ethics.


Having a great manager can really push your creative career forward so remember to look for an individual with the following traits restated from the above information:

  • Confidence
  • Knowledge
  • Success
  • Connections
  • Enthusiastic  
  • Trustworthy
  • Financially Responsible




Importance of Music Managers